Quality, Safety, Security & Environment

We have in place a clear approach towards HQSSE (Health, Quality, Safety, Security & Environment), ingrained in every aspect of our business. Our actions are governed by the following beliefs:

  • To achieve zero accidents and injuries
  • To carry out all activities in a safe manner
  • Have in place a risk management and mitigation strategy
  • To protect our environment for our future generations
  • Close monitoring of vessel and staff performance
  • Meticulously documented processes to ensure governance on every aspect of our operations
  • Efficient use of natural resources and energy sources
  • Total compliance with all regulatory requirements with an emphasis on foresight to prevent the likelihood of accidents

To reach our goals in QHSE, we will:

  • Comply with all applicable statutory, national and international maritime legislation, regarding safety and environmental protection measures.
  • Assess all risks to its ships, personnel, and environment and to establish appropriate safe guards.
  • Establish procedures to prevent the loss of human life, personal injury and protect environment.
  • Employ competent and suitably qualified crew, who are able to effectively supervise and carry out safety and environmental protection, as defined in the SMS operating procedures.
  • Ensure that all our vessels are adequately manned as per minimum safe manning requirements and, as far as possible, ensure that all crew engaged on vessels have experience in relation to the type of the vessel.
  • Provide all employees with information, equipment and training to execute safe and clean operations.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of shipboard safety and environmental performance and the related procedures.
  • Provide a safe, healthy workplace and environment for our employees ashore and afloat aiming to eliminate work-related injuries and illnesses by promoting safe practices, proper planning, near miss reporting and safe execution of all operations.

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