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Company Overview

BRIZO Tanker Ship Management is a UAE Based privately-owned company and provides ship management solutions for oil tankers.

We act as a third-party ship manager, meaning we are an independent party acting on behalf of ship owners. Our services are offered in tailor-made management solutions, focusing on our client's requirements.

We offer tailor-made solutions, meaning that our clients can compose their own management package, perfectly fulfilling their specific wishes and needs.

BRIZO is committed to continuous enhancement of the safety, security and quality of the fleet’s operation and employment as well as to the protection of the environment.

BRIZO is devoted to a teamwork culture where people work together for the overall success of the Company, onshore and at sea. Its policies aim to enhance and reward performance, engage its people and retain key talent.


BRIZO maintains a consistent ship management approach with the following qualities:

  • Proven experience in managing oil tankers;
  • Experienced officers and crews with professional credentials;
  • Professional relations based on merit and trust;
  • Safety and quality assurance including training, auditing, and vetting;

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